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Over the years, one of Archiplan’s main goals has been to achieve the highest possible standards. Through a management system, that is a set of rules and procedures which are recognized at an international level and applied in order to achieve goals such as customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, Archiplan has been certified ISO 9001, for the maintenance of public buildings and related facilities, restoration of property subject to protection since 2000.
The certification of management systems is the recognition of a company’s entrepreneurial aptitude that has been able to optimize its organization through efficient management, adequate facilities and appropriate skills, and gives a guarantee of reliability for clients, suppliers, employees and associates.

Since 2000, the company has been awarded the Certificate of qualification for the execution of public works, SOA, due to adequate,average, yearly requirements such as economic and financial, technical and organizational capabilities. These requirements define the categories and the classifications the company has achieved::
OG1 in class IV  Residential and industrial works up to € 2.582.284

OG2 in class II  Restoration and maintenance of property subject to protection € 516.457

OS3 in class I  Water and sanitation facilities, kitchens, laundry €258.228

Qualification for the provision of design and construction up to III classification


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